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Our History


In 1955 , Altınçizme Elektronik was established in a narrow office in Sirkeci Şah As Commercial Building.

Necdet Altınçizme , founder of the company , has got his technical education in Sultanahmet Trade School.

Besides his education , he added his personal skills , his fastidious , disciplined and sensitive work and he started to work by repairing radio and televisions.


In time he started to repair also the musical instruments and their equipment.

In a short time most of the musicians started to come to him to have their equipment repaired and he became their "Necdet Usta-Master Necdet".

But soon he found some additional occupation.

In 1966 he started to work on sound systems.

With his own effort he imported sound equipments of the best brands such as Marconi and Uher at that time.

He added Semprini , Altec , Montarbo , Shure and RCF to these brands.

So he started to work as sound engineer of the most famous singers in Turkey.

Besides his technical success in his work , he was always very disciplined and fastidious ,

so he became the most wanted and trusted sound engineer in music sector.


In 1985 , he reshaped the company by adding the lighting systems and lately he turned over the company management to his sons Serdar and Serhan Altınçizme.

During his business life he worked with the most famous singers and groups like Zeki Müren , Emel Sayın , Ajda Pekkan , Barış Manço , Nukhet Duru ,

Moğollar , Ersen ve Dadaşlar , Beyaz Kelebekler , Modern Folk Üçlüsü ,Alpay.

He took part during their concerts in foreign countries.

He also worked in Hürriyet Golden Microphone and Beauty Contests , with Milliyet High School's music contests he travelled all around Turkey ,

years long he also took part in bigger organisations like the Festivals of Culture and Art Foundation of İstanbul.

He also worked in the concerts of foreign musicians and groups in Turkey and got their appreciations.


With his ambition in his job , his determination in his work which never diminished , his fastidiousness and self discipline ,

Necdet Altınçizme recevied the appreciation of his family and of all the people he worked with.

Unfortunately we lost him too early because of a bad illness on March 3rd 2004.

We'll always remember him with respect , love and pride.

Serdar and Serhan Altınçizme


How To Contact Us


Avni Dilligil Sok. Oya Apt. 24/B

Mecidiyeköy İstanbul-Türkiye

+90 212 267 06 42

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